Starting 08-2013 our telephone extensions are now 4-digits; please attach "1" at the beginning of the current extension to call a specific person in our office. Thank you.

Welcome to our company

Enterprise Automotive Group is an automotive broker & used auto finance broker servicing New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We have been in business since 1991, responsible to almost 18,000 contracts with the face value of $140Million.

Our 20 years experience in servicing the sub-prime credit in our market, surpassing any economic turmoil in the past years, has made us the constant finance source. Many finance sources came and many have left, but we are still going strong and servicing our select group of dealers.
We act as the liaison between the finance sources and the used car dealers as well as the retail buyer and the used car dealers. Our service is to assure that all parties in the contract are mutually agreeable with the transaction and all the requirements of every parties are met. It’s hard to keep this balance, but our 20 years experience in our industry has made us possible to keep this promise.

Professionals in Automotive Financing since 1991.