What We Do

Enterprise Automotive Group has several finance sources to approve your customers. So we can cater to your customers with all types of credit.
Our sources allow us to provide rates as low at 3.99% to your A credit customers, as well as competetive rates to customers with sub-prime credit.  With our 20 years extensive experience with sub-prime credit, we can place your customers to all types of credit program our sources exclusively provide for us. Even customers with prior bankrupcies, foreclosures, judgements, collections and repossession. We can approve almost everyone who's willing to purchase a car from your dealership.
The numerous exclusive programs we set-up with a sales finance company allow us to approve customers with no prior credit history with our "First Time Buyer Program". With proper proof of income or verifiable source of income and employment, we can approve it, but we can also give approvals with no proof of income required.
Our finance sources are confident with our ability to value vehicles, which allows us to finance any year vehicle, high mileage vehicle, salvage and TMU. No vehicle and mileage restrictions. If you can sell it, we can finance it.
We also approve with the lowest bank fees in our market today, the average fee charged by our finance sources is $295.00; other finance sources charge you as much as $1,000.00, and require your customers to purchase unnecessary after-market products. With our low fees you can make more profit and your customers take advantage of reasonable car prices.
We are your One Stop Source for your dealership's financing needs. We are your partners. We will extend our professionalism to act as your F&I department to your customers.